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Farewell 2015!

Yes, I’m writing a closing on the year of 2015…too cliche? Maybe. But  how quickly  December 31st,2015 arrived. And  for many this year may have been one of great leaps and bounds in their respective lives. And for others, not so much.  So before you head out to your various celebratory moments later this evening or  decide to call it a night and just head to bed, I want to take some time to share some words with you and  to myself on the upcoming 2016.  You ready?

My year of 2015 has been quite eventful, personally and professionally. A friend recently posted on Facebook if we were to sum up the entire year in one word, what would that word be? And immediately my word was HUMBLED. This year, that I have experienced has taught me to be ever so much more humble and be able to receive as much I give (this is kinda hard for me to do).

From job loss to broken relationships, 2015 turned me around. But I am still here, still standing.

Whatever this year brought or didn’t , if you’re able to read this, YOU ARE HERE! How amazing is that. YOU SURVIVED 365 days!!!! There are many who didn’t. Celebrate that.

Here are some notes/ to-dos I made to myself & maybe it’ll help motivate you as well..yes?

  1. TRAVEL more: I love travelling! Visit a different country or travel domestically, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get out. Allow yourself to experience something new. Travelling renews your soul, it gives you so much perspective on so many things.

2.  Be GRATEFUL:  When you appreciate and  you’re genuinely  grateful for the things in your life, you suddenly realise  what matters most. I can guarantee material things will weigh less on that list. The gratitude jar is a great way to record your 2016 thoughts / accomplishments and later reflect on your year.

3.  Stay POSITIVE: Did you roll your eyes at this one? lol… I know, easier said than done right?  Hear me out.  When you purposely stay in a positive mind set it allows you to set the tone to your everyday activities. It is a habit that needs to be developed and worked on daily. I know it can be hard to go and face negativity once you’ve set your mind right, but you have already done it and you’re now able to change the tone in any environment you step into because you’ve purposely decided to stay positive.


4. Be KIND to yourself:  Yes. Before you can help anyone, you first have to help yourself. Be gentle with you. Learn to  treat yourself if you aren’t already doing so. You work hard. You may have families that you take care of. You may have a business to run. But to do all those things you have to be gentle with you. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. It was a mistake. Have you learned from it? Have you grown? Now move on. Meditation/ Devotion, exercising, eating well for your body all the things help make a better go on, be kind to you. Love on you.


5.  WORK on your dreams:  We all have aspirations. Short and long term goals, which many of us have already written down in  journals ( that’s not only me right?) and planned to accomplish in the year 2016. Stick to them, whatever your dream/s may be. The dreams that you’ve had on the back burner, the one deep down that you really want, start working on it.  Risk is scary. But so is letting your dream die! Nurture it, love on it, revive it and take the steps to accomplishing what you really want. Believe in YOU. And if you have been able to already start are AWESOME and keep pressing on!


Here are some of my picks on inspirational  books  for 2016 that I’ve added to my collection that may help/ inspire you too ( all can be found on Amazon):

  1. Year of Yes – Shonda Rimes
  2. Big Magic– Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. The Power of Habit; Why we do  what we do and, how to Change – Charles Duhigg, ( 2013 )
  4. Start with Why– Simon Sinek

I wish to close by saying this, may 2016 bring you abundant blessing and may your live purposefully in this season. Walk in your air and be bold. Take risks and spend quality time alone. May you have more belly- hurting laughter, good health and much prosperity in all areas of your lives. A very Happy New Year to you all!